Rover’s Recess offers a variety of options to suit your pet’s needs.  We offer quick trips for cats where we give food, water, and tend to the litter boxes.  Visits with dogs can either be twenty or thirty minutes long. Our pet specialist will take them for a walk and make sure they get to play.

Dog Walking

Dogs need daily physical activity. When our pups don’t get exercise, they become restless and often mischievous.  That’s when innocent shoes and furniture lose their lives. But don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Rover’s Recess is here to help.  It would be our pleasure to visit and take your pups for a walk. While you’re away, let us help give your dog the socializing and exercise that they need. You will return home to a happy and healthy dog (and your house will be intact)!

Fees start at $20

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Cat Sitting

Our visits are also beneficial to your cat’s health. Food and dirt particles can build up in a cat’s water bowl. Did you know that an invisible film develops on top of water left in bowls after only 24 hours? Yuck!

Rover’s Recess is here to help you avoid lonely cats and dirty bowls. We will visit and give your cat the social interaction they need.  During this time, we will also clean their litter box as well as refill their food and water bowls. All you have to do when you get home is enjoy their company.

Fees start at $15

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Dog Sitting

Even if your canine friend doesn’t need a walk off of your property, Rover’s Recess can still help! Our visits include a trip to the yard for elimination, followed by outside or inside play time. Food, fresh water and lots of TLC are always included in our services!

Fees start at $20

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