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When you’re away your pet should play–and you should have 100% peace of mind that your pet is in the best hands. At Rover’s Recess, we provide a range of services to keep your pet active, healthy, and happy. Our most popular services include dog walking, puppy walking, cat sitting, and dog sitting. No matter the pet care service you choose, you can feel confident that your pet is having fun and is under our qualified care.

Dog Walking

Walks are vital for your dog’s health and overall wellbeing. We’re proud to offer your dog the opportunity to get outside to enjoy some fresh air, exercise, and human interaction.

Why Do Dogs Need Daily Walks?

Daily walks provide your dog with mental and physical stimulation. When your dog goes on a walk, they’re building muscle tone to support their joints, lubricating their joints for better lifelong mobility, elevating their heart rate, and engaging with all five of their senses. Because walks offer physical and mental stimulation, many dog owners see a significant improvement in their dog’s behavior, including lower anxiety levels.

Fees start at $20

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Cat Sitting

While cats may seem more independent than their canine counterparts, they also need daily attention and socialization. Our expert team will ensure your cat’s safety and happiness with every visit. All of our team members are pet CPR certified, first aid certified, and trained to administer medications.

How Do Cats Benefit from Our Cat Sitter Visits?

When cats are left alone, they can feel heightened stress and anxiety. Hiring a cat sitter not only relieves this stress but also ensures your cat is safe and well cared for with fresh food and water. Auto-feeders may be convenient but are not 100% reliable. Additionally, the presence of a cat sitter reassures your cat that they’re loved.

Fees start at $17

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Dog Sitting

Dogs greatly benefit from being able to stay in their own environment while their owners are away. To keep your dog safe, secure, and happy, we offer dog sitting services that allow your dog to enjoy the comfort of their home and engage in fun activities while receiving a lot of attention.

Each member of our staff is pet CPR certified, first aid certified, and trained to administer medications.

How Do Dogs Benefit from Dog Sitting Services?

Boarding facilities can be stressful for many dogs. Between the unfamiliar environment, strange smells, and barking, many dogs experience a great deal of stress while staying overnight at boarding facilities. Rover’s Recess dog sitting allows your dog to feel comfortable and confident in their own environment.

Fees start at $22

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Puppy Walking

Puppies enjoy our walking services equally as much as adult dogs. Rover’s Recess offers puppy walking sessions personalized to your puppy’s age and needs.

How Do Puppies Benefit from Daily Walks?

Your puppy learns the most between the ages of eight weeks and one year. Puppyhood is a time for exploration and personality development. This makes puppy walking an excellent way to set your dog up for future success.

Puppy walking sessions encourage better leash etiquette from a young age and allow puppies to experience greater socialization opportunities along with a much-needed energy release. We find our professional puppy walking services support owners through the leash-training phase of puppy ownership and reduce the risk of workday mishaps (did you know your puppy can only ‘hold it’ for one hour per month of their age?).

Fees start at $20

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