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Do you have questions about Rover’s Recess pet sitting and dog walking services? We have answers!

What areas does Rover’s Recess serve?

Rover’s Recess has established customers throughout the Valparaiso area. The zip codes we primarily serve include 46383, 46385, 46304. Want to confirm that we serve your area? Please contact us now.

Do you accept credit card payments?
Of course. We accept credit card payments online or in person.
Do I have to pay for my pet’s initial meet-and-greet?
No. We offer a complimentary meet-and-greet to become more familiar with your pet. This ensures that we’re a good fit for your pet’s needs and that you feel confident that your pet gets the right care for their walk or pet sitting visit.
How much does dog walking cost?
Our dog walking visits start at $20 but the price varies depending on the number of dogs, length of time, frequency of walks, your location, and your dog’s individual needs. After your dog’s initial meet-and-greet, we will give you a quote along with various options to make the most of your dog’s time with us.
How much does pet sitting cost?
Our pet sitting sessions begin at $15 per visit for cats and $20 per visit for dogs.

Prices will vary depending on your pet’s needs, such as medication administration, the number of pets in the home, and the number of visits you request per day.

Can you take multiple dogs on a walk?
Yes. We are happy to walk up to two dogs at a time, from the same home. We can also give your dogs more individualized attention by walking them separately.
Do you provide puppy walking services?
Yes. Walks are highly beneficial for puppies. We encourage puppy owners to begin leash training and walking sessions once their puppy reaches an appropriate age.
Do you offer pet sitting for pets other than dogs and cats?
Yes. We love pets of all shapes and sizes. Laurie, the owner of Rover’s Recess, began her pet care career at a veterinary hospital, which makes her uniquely qualified to care for pocket pets, exotic animals, birds, or any other animal you call your own.
What happens if there’s an emergency with our pet while under your care?
All of our employees are pet CPR certified and first aid trained. We also collect all emergency contact information prior to any walks or pet sitting visits. If an emergency arises, we will begin pet first aid and contact you immediately. We will then contact your veterinarian or an off-hours emergency veterinarian office.
Do dogs need daily walks?

Veterinarians recommend at least one 30-minute walk daily for dogs. However, some dogs require longer walks or extended play sessions to fulfil their exercise needs. Walks improve your dog’s overall physical and psychological health.

Do puppies need daily walks?

Beginning a walking routine once your puppy reaches an appropriate age is highly beneficial for their health, training, and socialization. 

Are your dog walkers and pet sitters bonded and insured?

Yes. Every member of the Rover’s Recess team is bonded and insured.

Why should I use a local dog-walking company instead of a national app-based or online service?

Laurie Robinson has been a trusted leader in the pet care community of Valparaiso and Chesterson since 2007. Additionally, we ensure all of our employees have gone through a rigorous background check and have been drug tested. Furthermore, when you use a local business, you’re supporting your local economy.

What if my cat won’t come out during your visit?

We love that cats have such unique and quirky personalities. We strive to form a nurturing bond with every animal in our care. However, this takes time. Luckily, we have a knack for encouraging cats to come out and play and enjoy some affection. If your cat chooses to stay hidden during a cat sitting visit, we will verify their location and their safety before we leave.

Will we receive the same dog walk or pet sitter every time?

For the most part, we try to keep the same sitter or walker assigned to your pet to reinforce greater familiarity and to strengthen the long-lasting bond between your pet’s caregiver and your pet. However, this is not always possible. You can rest assured, though, that our small team of highly qualified pet caregivers will provide the best experience for your pet during every visit. 

Will my pet sitter or dog walker arrive at the same time every time?

Our team will arrive during a designated window of time.

Will our pet sitter bring in our mail, water our plants, and take our trash out on the designated day?

We always strive to provide the best customer service for pets and their owners. We will gladly perform these services upon request.

Does Rover’s Recess work with special-abled pets?

Absolutely. Special-abled pets hold a special place in our hearts. Whether your pet is deaf, blind, or has a physical impairment, we will provide the utmost loving care to them.

Do you have questions? Feel free to contact us!

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