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Rover’s Recess has been serving Valparaiso since 2007. We provide full-service pet sitting and dog walking services. Rover’s Recess pet sitting company comes to your home, so your pet can interact with our team in the comfort of their own environment.

Our company was founded on a love of pets. Our founder, Laurie Robinson, discovered a gap in the pet care choices in our region. She knew that without reliable, professional dog walkers and pet sitters, Valparaiso’s pets were not getting the best care while their owners were away. With this mission in mind and the passion to fulfill it, Rover’s Recess quickly became the number one choice for pet care in our area.

Nearly twenty years later, Rover’s Recess continues to be the go-to pet care company in Valparaiso. We remain dedicated to fulfilling pet’s needs for healthy exercise and companionship while their owners are away.

Your pet’s wellbeing is our priority and providing you with superior customer service is just one way we fulfill that promise.

The Rover’s Recess Difference

Our team includes experienced, vetted, and dedicated pet sitters and dog walkers. We pride ourselves on being better than the “big guys.” From one-on-one meet-and-greets prior to paying for your pet’s first appointment, to only hiring walkers and sitters that demonstrate the same commitment our company was founded upon, Rover’s Recess is ears-and-tails above the competition.

What makes us different from other pet sitting and dog walking services?

Our small but thriving local business caters to your pet’s needs better, with more personal attention and superior communication. Each pet parent interacts directly with our owner, rather than an anonymous app.

Each of our team members is pet CPR certified and first aid certified. And while certifications matter, safety and trust do, too. This is why every one of our team members goes through a background check and drug screening prior to employment. We also fully train each of our staff to ensure they meet our rigorous standards for exceptional pet care.

With a commitment to safety, excellence, and customer service, we provide the best local pet care. We demonstrate our dedication to safety, fun, and reliability for every pet, every time.

The Rover’s Recess Difference

Welcome to a day in the world of pet care, where joy, wagging tails, and heartwarming moments are the norm! Take a peek behind the curtain of our dedicated pet-sitting services in Valparaiso.

From the break of dawn, we step into our roles as passionate pet sitters and dog walkers in Valparaiso. Our day begins with energizing walks through scenic neighborhoods tailor-made for every canine companion. Whether a leisurely saunter or an energetic jaunt, we know each walk is an essential part of each dog’s day.

Transitioning to our role as caring cat sitters in Valparaiso, we engage in play sessions and soothing interactions with our feline friends. As the day unfolds, our pet-sitting services in Valparaiso carry on, encompassing feeding, medications, and enriching activities that ensure that each pet feels as comfortable with us as they do with their pet parent at home.

Every responsibility, whether as dog walkers in Valparaiso or providing exceptional in-home pet care in Valparaiso, underscores our commitment to enhancing the lives of these beloved animals.

As the sun sets, heartwarming fulfillment (and sleepiness from a full day of play) always wash over us, knowing that we’ve contributed to the delight and security of Valparaiso’s pets. We invite you to experience the peace of mind that comes from entrusting your beloved companions to our devoted care. Step into the Rover’s Recess family, where tail wags and purrs abound, and every day is dedicated to your pet’s happiness and health!

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our pet-sitting services in Valparaiso.

Our Mission

Rover’s Recess loves your pet like our own. We believe every pet deserves the best care every time we arrive at your home.

Our Commitment

At Rover’s Recess, we are committed to the highest quality pet care. We go above and beyond to learn each pet’s needs and get to know their unique personality. This allows us to tailor their walks and visits to meet their individual requirements. And we always put safety first.

Meet the Owner

Laurie Robinson

Laurie Robinson


Laurie Robinson began Rover’s Recess in 2007 when she realized the Valparaiso pet owners needed a better option for their pet care needs. With her dedication and extensive experience, she knew she could give local pets and their owners better service with a personal touch.

She opened Rover’s Recess on the foundation of making pets and their owners happy through attention to detail and unending dedication.

Laurie’s passion for providing animals with compassionate care began at a veterinary clinic. After 10 years of working at a local veterinary hospital, Laurie honed her pet care skills as a Kennel Assistant and Veterinary Assistant. During this time, Laurie perfected her ability to read pets’ body language, respond to their needs, and keep pets safe while in her care. She also learned to expertly administer medication and work with a wide variety of pet species.

Now, Laurie has over two decades of pet care experience. Her passion for pets has never waned. She continues to enjoy the variety, excitement, and joy that every pet offers. Laurie loves meeting new pets and caring for the ones she has known for years. She appreciates the pet owners that trust her to care for their pets and enjoys the opportunity to strengthen the pet-owner relationship through her services and expertise.

Laurie’s dedication to pet safety and knowledge can be seen in her commitment to furthering her certifications and practices. Laurie is a Certified Professional Pet Sitter. She holds a certificate in Canine Behavior Modification and she is pet CPR certified. Additionally, holds a bachelor’s degree from Purdue University.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know more about us. We would love to meet you and your pet. If you would like a free meet-and-greet, please contact us now

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