10 New Year’s Resolutions for the Pet Owner in 2022

It’s hard to believe that 2022 is here. We had a lovely time walking and watching all the wonderful pets here in the Valparaiso and Chesterton area, and we’re optimistic that 2022 will be filled with even more wonderful memories with all of the Rover’s Recess pets and their owners.

In order to help make the most of 2022 with your pet, we thought we would suggest a few resolutions that all pets and their parents can appreciate.


New Year’s Resolutions for Pet Parents

1. Spend more time with your pet

With our lives getting busier, it is hard to give your pets the time and attention that they deserve. No one gets a pet hoping that they can ignore it, but that is exactly what many end up doing. Commit yourself to spending quality time with your dog or cat, playing, petting and grooming each and every day.

2. Make sure that your pet gets plenty of exercise

10 New Year's Resolutions for the Pet Owner in 2022

A large percentage of pets are in poor shape because they lack exercise. Make time each day to walk your dog–twice a day if you can. It will help to keep their heart and lungs healthy, and will also help their joints stay strong and improve their mobility.

If you have a cat, find a few toys that they love to play with and give them a few minutes of vigorous running and jumping. They will love the chance to play and love you as well.

3. Take your pet to see the vet

It is easy to overlook regular trips to the vet, so mark the date on your calendar, then remember to make the appointment. Regular visits will keep their inoculations up to date which will go a long way to keeping them healthy and happy. It is also good for keeping an eye on your pet’s overall health. You might not notice a problem developing because you see your pet every day, while your vet, who sees them only once or twice a year, will quickly notice it.

4. Keep your pet trim

While we dearly love our pets, we shouldn’t always show them our love by giving them high-calorie treats. Look for treats that are lower in calories, and if necessary, find a lower calorie food for them. Less fat will help your dog or cat’s cardiovascular system, as well as their joint health.

5. Keep those teeth clean and gums healthy

Collie having its teeth brushed

Dental health is easier to maintain with some pets than others, but if your dog or cat has had issues in the past with their teeth, you might want to brush them every day. Damaged teeth and gums give germs and bacteria an open door to your pet’s bloodstream and can lead to a variety of other health issues. So keep those teeth and gums clean and healthy.

6. Store household toxins properly

With our busy lives, we aren’t always as careful as we should be. When you bring home pesticides and cleaning products, make sure that you store them where your cat or dog cannot get to them. And put them away immediately after using them. You don’t want a curious dog or cat getting a fatal dose of something while you are away.

Unsure what household items are poisonous to your pets? Check out this list.

7. Work on training

woman with a handful of treat to left out of focus with a corgi sitting on the right

If you have trained your pet properly, they will be much easier to care for. Work with them, especially puppies, on potty training. Spend as much time as you can with them, and if they show signs of needing to go, take them out and wait for them to finish their business. With cats, make sure that they have easy access to their litter box and remember to clean it daily.

Leash training for your dog is very important. It is hard to take them for walks if they are constantly tugging and lunging. If necessary, hire a qualified trainer to help them learn leash etiquette.

Basic tricks like come and sit can come in very handy as well. A well-trained dog enhances your life and theirs.

8. Take time to groom your pet

Some pets love it more than others, but if you have a long-haired cat or dog, invest in a good brush. You need to keep tangles out of their hair along with burrs, etc. if your pet plays outside. And many pets love brushing and combing. Just a couple of strokes and your cat will be purring loud enough so everyone in the house can hear. It will help keep them looking good and strengthen their bond with you.

9. Tag and chip your pet

Most pets have a chip when you get them, but if yours doesn’t, get that done the next trip to your vet. Microchips are relatively inexpensive and can be placed right in the veterinarian’s office, without anesthetic. You might want to get a tag with their name and your phone number as well. You don’t want your pet wandering off only to be found by a compassionate person who has no way to identify and contact you.

10. Spay or neuter your pet

With more strays wandering our neighborhoods and shelters running out of room, it is important for you to be a responsible pet owner and spay or neuter your pet. Many local organizations will do it for free or at a reduced cost for those who can’t afford it.


Have a Happy New Year with a New Outlook on Your Day-to-Day with your Pets

Woman from chest-down holding a leash to a brindle dog on cobblestone

At Rover’s Recess, we want you, your dogs, and your cats to have the best 2022 possible. If we can help by walking your dog or playing with your cat on those days when you are gone longer than you would like, give us a call, and we’ll set up a meet and greet and start helping you give your pets the quality of life that they deserve.



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