How to Prepare for the Holiday with a Dog Walker or Sitter

Home for the Holiday with a Dog Walker or Pet Sitter

December is here in Chesterton & Valparaiso, and the Rover’s Recess team is enjoying the beauty of the holiday seasons. If you’re preparing for the holidays, we wanted to shine some light on how our dog walking and pet sitting services can add a bit more joy to you and your pet’s holiday. Whether you’re staying home for the holiday, inviting guests to celebrate with you, or joining family and friends elsewhere, a pet sitter or dog walker can reduce your stress and maximize your pet’s merriness.


Why Hire a Holiday Dog Walker?

Prepare for the Holiday with a Dog Walker or Sitter

If you’ve never considered the benefits of a dog walker as a helping hand for your wintertime festivities, here is why you should:

1) Streamline Your Schedule (and Your Dog’s)

If you have family in town for the holiday, there’s a good chance you have a schedule filled with outings and activities. In addition to all the excitement of memory-worthy activities, you likely still have wrapping and shopping to account for in your schedule. This can throw off your dog’s routine. And when your dog’s routine is off, they may feel more insecure.

Instead of worrying about your dog’s bathroom breaks and walks, a dog walker allows you to embrace the excitement of the holiday and helps keep your dog’s routine.

Give your dog the gift of a friendly, fun, experienced dog walker for Christmas time. While your dog will enjoy the fresh air and opportunity to stretch their legs, you can enjoy not having to worry about letting your dog out on top of everything else you have going on.


2) Reduce Your Dog’s Anxiety

While the holidays are filled with energy and excitement for humans, pets don’t quite understand who Santa is and why there’s a tree lit up in the family room. With the addition of strangers, music and new smells, many dogs experience extra pent-up energy. Our walkers provide your pup with an outlet for that nervous energy, so your dog can rest more soundly and enjoy the festivities.


3) Don’t Miss Out on the Festivities Christmas Day

If you’re planning to be at another family member’s house, you’re left with the decision of bringing your dog along or running home to let your dog out. With a Rover’s Recess walker, you can get the best of all options: you can stay among family, your dog can rest and relax at home, and you don’t have to worry about your dog needing a bathroom break.


How a Pet Sitter Can Be Your Pet’s Personal Santa Claus

the Holiday with a Dog Walker or Sitter

While we don’t wear red suits, our team of professional pet sitters brings cheer, merriment and the gift of companionship to pets that are staying home for the holiday. Here’s how a pet sitter can light up you and your pet’s holiday:


1) Simplify Your Travel Plans

Bringing your dog or dogs along on your trip multiplies the complications of travel. Your packing multiplies, you have the worry of keeping your pet safe in the car, and you have to ensure your accommodations are pet-friendly. And this is just the tip of the iceberg if you’re considering flying.

When your pet skips the chaos of travel, you can reduce your stress and focus on having fun and arriving safely.


2) Provide Your Pet Increased Comfort

Before you solidify your travel plans, consider your motivation in bringing your pet. While having your pet nearby is comforting, traveling to an unfamiliar environment takes a toll on your pet’s mental wellbeing.

Pets prefer keeping their routine and environment unchanged. This stability provides them with a lot of comfort. Using a pet sitter allows your dog or cat to enjoy the peace and quiet of their own home while providing you with peace of mind.


3) Your Pet Will Receive Plenty of Attention and Exercise

When you hire a pet sitter, your dog or cat becomes the center of your sitter’s attention. This means your pet will enjoy playtime, meals on time, medication as needed and affection. In other words, there’s no need for your dog to compete for attention. Your pet will feel as special as you know they are as soon as their sitter shows up!


Rover’s Recess Is Ready for the Holidays. Are You?

the Holiday with a Dog Walker

As you’re making your holiday plans, it’s a good idea to book your sitter sooner rather than later. Our highly experienced, pet first aid certified sitters and walkers are in high demand this time of year. 

Have questions about our services or are you ready to schedule your free meet and greet? Please give us a call at 219-916-8548.



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