Busy with the Holiday Hustle and Bustle? Puppy Walkers to the Rescue!

Puppies are a lot of work, and during the holiday season, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Between making food, welcoming out-of-town family and shopping for gifts, the holidays can become a time where your pet doesn’t get as much attention. No need to fret! Getting a dog sitter can help your pet get the company they need, while you successfully get your to-do list completed.

How can a puppy walker help you and your dog this holiday?

Dogs generally need between 30 minutes to 2 hours of exercise per day. This can come in a variety of ways, from going on a jog, a hike, a bicycle ride or a long stroll through the neighborhood. It depends on the breed, age and size of your dog by how much they need. But one thing is for sure: they need to “do their doggy business” in the middle of the day.

1) Get your dog’s excess energy out

Dog’s have a surplus of energy. Hiring a dog walker for 30-minute increments can get your dog the extra attention they desire (without additional stress on you)! A quick way to get exercise is to play fetch, throw a frisbee or go on an extended walk. Your dog will still be excited when you get home, without any destructive or pent-up energy.

2) No need to leave your guests home alone

Walking your dog in the midst of a get-together can dampen the energy of your guests. Instead of taking off after dinner or drinks, get a dog-walker to swing by and help you and your furry friend. Evenings out are typically cut short because of the needs of your dogs or kids, which is why sitters are so important in your day-to-day life. You deserve the relaxation you need too.

3) No need to stop baking, prepping & cleaning

Holidays mean deep cleaning and standing on your feet all day if you enjoy home cooking. Your dog isn’t going to get as much attention during these chaotic times of the year because you barely have enough time to get everything completed. Hiring a dog walker ahead of the holidays will ensure meal prep stays on schedule, while your dog explores the outdoors with their temporary companion.

4) Keep your dog’s routine consistent

It’s less stressful for your dog to maintain the same routine during the holidays. They get adjusted to a certain amount of attention and timely walks, so any disruption with their routine may cause behavioral issues. Maintaining your schedule with your dog builds trust. When it’s shaken up, they can get anxious and overwhelmed. 

the Holiday Hustle and Bustle Puppy Walkers to the Rescue!

Sitters Keep Your Pet Company While You’re Away

There are times when you don’t want to stay home for the holidays. Especially after the pandemic, families are eager to get back to in-person gatherings. If travelling distresses your pet, you may be searching for an alternative, rather than boarding your cat or dog or small critter.

Staying at home is a way for your pet to feel comfortable in an environment that they’re familiar with. They have the ability to sleep in their own bed while waiting for their pet sitter to provide head scratches and mental enrichment. Your pet likes comfort during the holidays too. Choosing a pet sitter means more individualized communication with the person who watches your pet, and knowing they’re at home awaiting your return.

Boarding Can Distress Your Pet

Boarding your pet means being in a kennel for days at a time, while you’re away for work or holiday. They can be vulnerable when you board them. 

When boarded, your pet can:

  • Get anxious
  • Be more vulnerable to kennel cough, fleas or ticks
  • Be less comfortable
  • Receive less attention
  • Not have access to their regular toys and food
  • Lose their appetite


Keeping your pet at home is ideal because they get to enjoy the comforts of home, even if it means not having you in bed beside them. If your pet is particularly nervous or aggressive around other animals, or requires more specific care, hiring a pet sitter is the perfect solution for them.

Comfortable Pets are Happy Pets

Hustle and Bustle Puppy Walkers to the Rescue!

Rover’s Recess was created to ensure pets stay comfortable, happy and receive physical activity while you’re away. Your pet loves the extra company, and you’ll be pleased by their lack of stress. With the holidays quickly approaching, book your pet a pair of extra hands and let the holiday cheer whisk you away.



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