In-Home Dog Sitting vs Boarding: Which is Better?

Dogs are loyal companions and we rely on them as much as they count on us. That’s why it can be so difficult to leave them while you’re away on vacation or traveling for work. Plus, dogs enjoy our company and cuddling, which makes the separation so much more difficult. There’s no doubt that when you’re out of town, your dog longs for the one-on-one attention that only you can provide. 

However, dog sitters and boarding facilities both take a close second–but which is a better choice for your dog? If you go out of town, you’re making the difficult decision about whether you should board your dog at a kennel or get a pet sitter to keep them company and well-fed from the comfort of your home.


The Ins and Outs of In-Home Dog Sitting

At home, your dog can lie in the lap luxury (or at least their sitter’s lap). They get to snuggle up in their own bed to sleep or huddle in their crate to feel safe. 

The Benefits of Dog Sitter Services

Dogs are social creatures, so having a pet sitter in your home has some major benefits. Here are a few:

  • Being more comfortable
  • Access to their own crate, bed, food, and toys
  • One-on-one attention
  • No exposure to pet diseases
  • More playtime
  • No strange smells, sounds, or people
  • Medicine administration
  • Easier to check-in on your pet’s wellbeing

Dog Parent Concerns

As a pet owner, you may have some insecurities about having someone in your home. Some common concerns are:

  • Having a “stranger” in your home
  • Safety
  • Concern about your pet getting the care they need

If you’re considering a pet sitter for your pup’s care, don’t fret! There are precautions you can take. When you book with Rover’s Recess, you can rest assured your sitter is background checked and Pet First-Aid certified, as well as bonded and insured. We will also come out to meet you and your dog before you leave town, so you know exactly who will be in your home.

Additionally, Rover’s Recess has been a trusted choice among Valparaiso and Chesterton pet owners since 2007. 

Can’t stand being away from your dog? You can also install a pet camera and talk to your pet while you’re away. This is a great way to let them know, verbally, that you’re still there for your loyal companion.

The ultimate show of care for your dog is keeping them safe, happy, and comfortable while you’re away! You can effortlessly provide that with an at-home pet sitter who has only your pets’ needs in mind.

The Reality of Boarding Your Dog

Like most dogs, yours probably hates going to the vet. The veterinary boarding staff is kind and hardworking, but your dog is likely to get anxious being away from home. During the pandemic, your dog got used to having you around to keep them safe and happy with you at their side. That’s why it’s so difficult when you have to leave town and find care for your precious companion. 

Taking your dog to the kennel can make your dog feel the same anxiety that they experience at a vet. This is the result of the volume of other dogs barking, strange smells, and the cold, sterile atmosphere. Boarding has pros and cons, so is it the right decision for your dog?


How Can Boarding Be A Bad Decision?

Your dog is a little more at risk at a boarding facility. They may have a few creature comforts, such as company from other dogs or extended playtime outside, but they are negatives associated with boarding, too.

They may feel:

  • Anxious and abandoned
  • Confused
  • Insecure and lonely
  • Be exposed to fleas, ticks, and diseases (like kennel cough)

Remember, your dog doesn’t know when you’re going to be back. It can be a day or a month, but to them, it feels like forever. Keeping them at ease and at home is key for your dog’s comfort. 

Dog waiting for owner’s return

How Many Dogs Can a Dog Sitter Watch at Once?

It depends on the agency. At Rover’s Recess, our dog sitters can take two dogs out on a walk from the same home. That way your dogs can get quality time outside, without being overwhelmed by additional stimuli. Plus, Rover’s Recess believes in providing your dog with one-on-one attention. 

Where Can I Find a Dog Sitter?

You can find a dog sitter in your community! Rover’s Recess serves Chesterton and Valparaiso and provides high-quality care to household pets, including dogs, cats, and your other critters. 

Book Your Dog’s Rover Recess Sitter Before the Holidays

Your dog deserves excellent care. To ensure they have everything they need while you’re away, book your Rover’s Recess pet sitter well in advance. It’s no secret that a lot of people take time off work during the holidays. Make sure your dog receives the care they need by booking early. We fill up fast and your dog’s quality care is just a click away.

How far in advance should you book? Book as soon as you know your schedule or at least four weeks in advance to guarantee that everything falls into place before you go. 

My care is in your hands

When considering your at-home care, consider Rover’s Recess for your pet’s needs. We want your dog to be secure and comfortable while you’re away, so that you can come back to a companion that is happy. You and your dog will be relaxed when you’re reunited and it’ll make your travels less stress-inducing. Our pet sitters are affectionate and bonded and insured, so that you can trust the care your pet receives. 



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