How Long Can I Leave My Cat with a Pet Sitting Service?

Leaving your cat in someone else’s hands can be quite stressful. There’s no doubt your cat will miss you and vice versa, but knowing the ins and outs of how long you can leave your cat and what to expect can relieve your worry.

Contrary to popular belief, cats enjoy human company. In fact, studies show they even like human companionship more than food. Hard to believe, right? Leaving them with a trustworthy cat sitter will help alleviate anxiety and provide them with much-needed and appreciated companionship while you’re away.

How to Find the Best Cat Sitting Service for Your Feline Friend

Selecting the best sitter for your cat is always the first step in deciding how long your cat can be left comfortably without you. When comparing cat sitters, always choose one that is 

  • Compassionate 
  • Prepared in case of a health emergency
  • Experienced in cat care
  • Trusted among the community
  • Reliable

How Long Can I Leave My Cat with a Sitter?

Cats often spend long stretches of time alone if you don’t work from home. During the pandemic, pets got used to having more frequent company in the home as people adjusted to a remote work life. With daily life getting back on track and people planning vacations, you may be wondering, how long can my cat be left alone and with a cat sitter? 

Most pets can be left alone safely for a few hours to half a day. When the stretch of time extends into a full day or longer, you may start looking into getting a cat sitter to keep your pet company. Cats may seem like they enjoy being alone all the time, but it’s shown that they love company just like their human counterparts. If you get a daily cat sitter to watch your kitty, they can be content for up to a couple of weeks while you’re out of town.

If leaving your cat while you’re on vacation, ensure there’s enough food, water, litter, and entertainment for your cat. 

What About Kittens?

Kittens have an overabundance of energy. It’s no secret that they need more care than an adult cat because they have a greater need for social and environmental enrichment. They also need to be fed more often, have mental stimulation, and have constant access to fresh, clean water.

Kittens shouldn’t be left alone for more than a few hours. They’re rambunctious and curious. Even if you leave food out for a kitten, they can blaze through their resources and go looking for more in the garbage, cabinets, or in a spot where they may get stuck.

Provide Your Cat with Attention without Returning Home

If you have a new kitten and leave for work during the day, it’s best to return midday to attend to their needs. However, if you can’t return, consider having a cat sitter check in on them. 

If you have a cat sitter supervising them for an hour or two per day, you can safely leave them for up to a week. Any longer than that and your kitty will surely miss your constant presence at home!

Caring for Senior Cats’ Needs While Away

Such as with kittens, senior cats suffer when they’re left alone for longer than a few hours to a day. They’re more prone to getting injuries, especially in a home with stairs or steep climbs. 

If you have a sick or senior cat that needs medication and constant supervision, then they can’t be left longer than when their next dosage of medication is due. Getting a cat sitter to look in on your furry friend will help ease your anxiety and provide relief for your senior cat too. 


How to Prepare for Your Cat Sitter

When preparing for your cat sitter, make a list of what you’d like for them to look after. Being organized can set your cat sitter up for success while you’re away. Writing down any food or medication that your cat needs is important information for your cat sitter to have. This also ensures that your cat will not be overfed or underfed when you’re not there.

Putting out your kitten or cat’s favorite toys will allow them to adjust to the cat sitter more quickly, without feeling anxious about a new person’s sudden presence. Treats and catnip go a long way too!


Hire the Best Cat Sitter Service in Valparaiso and Chesterton


When thinking about your new pet sitter, consider Rover’s Recess for your pet’s needs. We care about your pet as much as our own, and it shows! Your cat will be in great hands while you’re away so that you can have peace of mind that your kitten is getting the care that they need.

Getting the best care for your cat is always a priority. That’s why we’re here to help you meet their needs and yours. Having a cat is joyful and stress-relieving. You shouldn’t have to be concerned about their safety when you leave town. Get assistance with caring for your fur family and bask in their love when you return. 




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