Why Should You Hire a CPR and First Aid Certified Dog Walker?

When it comes to your dog’s safety, there is no room for compromise. When you hire a CPR and first aid certified dog walker, you’re taking a step to better ensure your dog will be provided capable, experienced, and knowledgeable care. But is a certification really a big deal? Can’t an uncertified dog walker do just as good of a job and be less expensive? These misconceptions circle the pet sitting and dog walking community and can lead responsible dog owners astray. 

When you use a dog walker, you’re trusting another person with your dog’s life. Hiring a dog walker that is certified is the best choice for your dog. Why? As you’ll learn in this article, certifications safeguard your dog and matter more than you may realize.


Why Do Dog Safety Certifications Matter? 

It’s true that a dog walker doesn’t need certifications to offer their services. So, why would anyone go through the process of being certified? Certification shows a greater level of professionalism. 

A certified dog walker…

1. Has Proven They’re Competent to Care for Your Dog

Obtaining certifications takes time and requires proof of competency. Not only does this tell you that your dog walker is invested in their job, but a third party verified their ability to keep your dog safe.

2. Is Committed to the Profession

Certification proves your walker has been trained to keep your dog safe, and it shows that your walker is committed to the profession–they’re not just caring for dogs to make extra money during the summer. Taking the steps to become certified often indicates that your dog walker is dedicated to their work. 

3. Is Reliable & Worthy of Your Dog’s Trust

Hiring a certified walker decreases the chances that your walker is going to disappear or no-show after returning to college or switching jobs. These situations are all too common and leave you and your dog in a pinch. 

You want to rest assured your dog can bond with their walker, gain a greater sense of stability, and count on their walker for the long term.

4. Shown They’re Capable of Providing the Best Care

You want to have peace of mind when your dog is in the care of another person, especially when you first hire a new dog walker. Certifications show that a walker can respond accordingly to your dog’s needs. Certified dog walkers have the knowledge and practice to provide techniques that have been proven to be the best by a responsible organization.

5. Is Ready to Keep Your Dog Safe

Most certification processes require practice in simulation situations. These practices provide invaluable experience. By practicing activities, such as pet CPR or the Heimlich, your dog walker has worked out the kinks that can come up. They also build up muscle memory and expertise that will kick in, allowing them to respond quickly and with certainty.

You Hire a CPR and First Aid Certified Dog Walker


What Certifications Should You Look for in a Dog Walker?

Most dog owners prefer their dog walkers to possess Pet First Aid and CPR Certifications. Why? Accidents and emergencies happen. When they do, you want your dog’s walker to know how to respond promptly, confidently, and with science-backed techniques. Being able to perform pet CPR and first aid can be the difference between life and death for your dog. Because of this, these certifications are often non-negotiable for most dog owners.

What Can a Pet First Aid & CPR Certified Dog Walker Do?

First aid and CPR certifications require more than just learning to apply a bandage. When you go through the certification process, you learn to:

  • Assess a pet’s vitals, such as pulse and temperature
  • Restrain an injured pet to prevent further injury
  • Administer medications
  • Identify if a pet is choking and perform the Heimlich maneuver on a pet
  • Perform CPR by giving dogs and cats mouth-to-mouth resuscitation
  • Respond in a way to keep pets safe when they experience a seizure
  • Dress wounds
  • Safely transport a pet to the vet for emergency care


Hire a Dog Walker That Cares About Your Dog As Much as You Do

CPR and First Aid Certified Dog Walker

When your dog walker has gone through a certification program, they can respond more promptly, confidently, and correctly. Don’t settle for an uncertified walker. Your dog is counting on you to hire the most capable and professional dog walker. 

At Rover’s Recess, all of our dog walkers are Pet First Aid and CPR certified. Because your pet’s safety and your trust are our top priority. 



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