Why You Should Microchip Your Pets in Chesterton & Valparaiso

Unfortunately, pets too often escape from their owners and become lost. Some pet owners may be lucky enough to find their pets, but others are not. The biggest issue is being able to reunite lost pets with their owners. This is much easier if your pet is microchipped. 

Microchips are tiny devices that contain important information about your pet. The chip contains an identification number exclusive to your cat or dog so that if your pet is found and taken to a veterinarian’s office or the animal shelter, a special scanner can be used to retrieve the number. This number is then matched to your contact information.

Here at Rover’s Recess, we want to bring attention to this important topic. May is Chip Your Pet Month! So this blog will focus on why you should microchip your pet in Chesterton & Valparaiso.


What is a Microchip?

A microchip implant is a tiny device that is only about the size of a grain of rice. It has a unique identification number that is exclusive to your pet. This little chip is inserted under your dog’s loose skin between their shoulder blades. 

The insertion of a microchip can be done right at your veterinarians’ office. This is a very quick and non-invasive procedure for your pet. Microchips are also quite inexpensive to place in your cat or dog. 

One thing to note is that a microchip is not a GPS tracking device, It will not tell you the whereabouts of your pet. It is simply a means of identifying your cat or dog should they be recovered and scanned.


Make Sure to Register Your Dog’s Microchip

Once the microchip has been implanted at the vet, your next step is to get it registered. When you register your information with a pet recovery database, a vet or animal shelter will be able to know more about your pet. You should also ensure that your information is always up to date. If you move or change your phone number, make sure that information also gets updated within the recovery database. 

_Should Microchip Your Pets in Chesterton & Valparaiso


Why You Should Microchip Your Pets in Chesterton and Valparaiso

Losing your pet is a scary thought, but a very real possibility. If your dog bolts out of the door, or slips out of its collar on a walk, you might not be able to catch them before you lose sight of them. 

Sadly, your pets cannot talk to strangers and tell them that they are lost, or who their owners are. Having this chip implanted into your pet gives them the insurance they need to be reunited with you. If a good samaritan knows to take a lost pet to the veterinarian or animal shelter to be scanned for a microchip, chances are you won’t be without your pet for very long. 

Microchipping your pet is definitely great for ensuring their safety and maintaining your peace of mind. Statistics show that one in three pets will become lost at some point during their lifetime. 

Having an ID tag attached to your pets’ collar with their name and your phone number is another great piece of identification for them as well. Not everyone is aware of microchips, so having this in conjunction with a chip can maximize the likelihood of you getting your pet back. Sometimes these tags can get worn down or break off. Keep an eye on them and replace them as needed. 


Microchip Your Pets in Chesterton & Valparaiso at Your Local Vet!

It is never too late to have your pets microchipped. This inexpensive procedure will provide you with the extra insurance you need if you ever become separated from your pet. As mentioned before, any local vet will happily get this done for you. 

If you are in the Chesterson area, check out Ark of The Dunes Animal Hospital, or Westchester Animal Clinic. If you are in Valparaiso, stop by Arbor View Animal Hospital or Vale Park Animal Hospital

Do not hesitate on this procedure, and make your appointment today! 



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