Top Places to Walk Your Dog in Valparaiso

Walking your dog to give them daily exercise is an integral part of maintaining their overall health. Consistent walks help to keep your dog’s weight under control and allow your dog to stimulate their minds as you explore different areas and paths. 

If you are going for walks in the same neighborhood, it may be time to switch things up.  There are plenty of beautiful parks to explore and enjoy with your furry friend! 

Valparaiso is rich with dog parks to explore for a fun afternoon outdoors! 

Not sure which parks to check out? Here are the top places to walk your dog in Valparaiso.

Sunset Hill Farm County Park

Sunset Hill Farm County Park is a gorgeous piece of land located in Porter County. There are various hiking trails, campgrounds, and even antique farm equipment for you to enjoy. The property now has 238 acres of farmland to roam around in with your family, and of course, your dogs! One of the park rules states that dogs must be kept on a leash no longer than 6 feet while in the parks. Please also continue to pick up after your dog to keep the parks clean and fun for everyone! 


ValPAWraiso Dog Park

Now, if this doesn’t scream “dog park,” I don’t know what does! This park spans across two acres and contains separate areas for large dogs and small dogs to play together. This dog park permits your dogs to be off-leash so they can romp around freely and explore the grounds. As soon as you walk up to the park entrance, you will notice restrooms, drinking fountains for both pets and humans, and a paw wash for those extra muddy days! 

To access this park, you have to obtain a membership and register your four-legged friend. You also need to provide vaccination records to ensure all pets’ safety and reduce the spread of canine illness. 

Places to Walk Your Dog in Valparaiso

Foundation Meadows Park

Foundation Meadows Park has a lot of open space for you to enjoy a leisurely walk with your dog and enjoy the outdoors. It is also equipped with a large gazebo, picnic tables, and a two-mile paved trail to walk down with your pup. 

There are gardens and wetland ecosystems that are preserved and studied within the park. The main purpose of this park is to provide an area where ecosystems can be preserved to give visitors an opportunity to explore the vegetation and learn more about invasive plant species if you come across them. 


Creekside Park

Creekside Park is home to 5 + miles of multi-use trails for hiking, biking and walking. This park is mainly for mountain biking, but who says you can’t bring your dog along with you to enjoy the trails?

The trails have different difficulty levels, so be sure to check those out before heading up there. Make sure you are aware of all exit routes and short-cuts.  It’s essential to know how to get to a safe place should anything happen to you or your pup. 


Being outside with your pup enjoying the sun, nature, and all the new smells will surely keep them happy and healthy.  We believe that these top places to walk your dog in Valparaiso will get your dogs jumping for joy, and tuckered out.

Since the pandemic is still ongoing, please make sure you always comply with social distancing measures and wear your mask when social distancing can be challenging. Need some help exposing your dog to these awesome parks? Call Rover’s Recess at (219) 916-8548 to schedule your FREE Meet & Greet to discuss your dog walking needs!



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