Is it the Right Time for a New Pet?

Gift-giving season is here.  Every holiday season people buy their loved ones presents that come complete with a wagging tail – a new pet.  Nothing warms the heart more than a furry or perhaps feathered, family member looking at us with adoration.  As responsible pet parents, however, we must first ask ourselves if we are ready for a new pet.  Rover’s Recess is here to help with some questions to consider before adopting a new pet.

Do I have Time for a New Pet?  

Helping a pet adapt to a new home takes time.  Training is often necessary.  Dogs new to your home will likely be tempted to chew.  Someone needs to be home to prevent that from happening.  If you are at work a lot, do you have kids you can put on pet duty?  When adopting a new pet, we must have the necessary time to help them become a part of the family.  Animal lovers who are rarely home may need to consider getting a fish instead of a dog or cat.  If we do not devote the necessary time, we are setting ourselves and the new pet up for failure.

Do I have the Necessary Space?

Animals take up space.  Anyone who has shared their bed with a dog knows that.  We owe it to our pets to make sure they have enough space.  An apartment is probably not the best place for a pack of Great Danes.  Can your home fit another dog bed, terrarium or cat tree?  A small space does not make it impossible to have a pet.  But it is important to find the right pet for your space.  Having more pets than you have space is asking for chaos and it is unfair to everyone.

Do I Have Enough Money?

Pets, like children, cost money…often a lot of it.  Before adopting a new pet, we must ensure that we have the necessary funds to take care of it.  Food, veterinarian bills, toys, etcetera all add up to be quite costly.  Depending on your budget, you may want a hamster or fish instead of a more expensive pet like a dog.

Will I be Moving Soon?

All too often we log onto social media and see posts that read, “I’m moving and need to rehome my pet”.  It is a fact that things happen that are outside of our control.  Nobody can predict the future.  But if you are up for a job in a different area or your lease is almost finished and you might be unable to bring a pet, it is probably not the best time.  Pets deserve love and stability.

Will the Pets I Have Accept a New Pet?

It is our job as pet guardians to help keep the peace among pets.  That means being considerate of the pets we already have before getting a new one.  Are the pets you already have accustomed to being around other animals, or do they like having you all to themselves?  If I get a different kind of pet, what pet will work well with the ones I already have?  These are the kinds of things we need to consider AHEAD of time.

Is a Younger or Older Pet Right for Me?

Young pets have a lot of energy and little control over it.  That means that we must devote more time to them.  Younger pets need a lot of supervision and training.  More mature pets are calmer and willing to quietly sit at your side.  There are a lot of older pets in shelters who would love to join your family.  Are you looking for a young pet that you can play with for hours, or do you want someone calm to watch TV with?

Rover’s Recess hopes you and your family have a fantastic holiday season.  If you decide that it is the right time for a new pet, we would love to help take care of him or her.  Please take care of yourselves during this difficult time and know that we are here for you.  Give us a call for your pet-sitting needs and continue to follow our blog.



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