How to Get Great Photos of Your Pets

May is National Photography Month.  Now is the perfect time to get out and take some great shots of your favorite fur friends.  Cities throughout the country are slowly opening back up, so there is still time to sharpen your photography skills and capture some priceless memories with your favorite animals.  Your pets, however, are not always the most cooperative models.  Rover’s Recess has some tips on how to take pet photos you will be proud to put on your wall.


Bring Toys and Treats

Our pets have very short attention spans.  It does not take much for a photoshoot to go wrong, especially when it is done outdoors.  Luckily, there are some tools that help extend their attention just a little.  Packing some treats, a ball, and a squeaky toy in your camera bag helps to keep your subject interested.  Just be sure to keep toys and treats in a sealed bag so they don’t damage your equipment.


Scout Your Location

The right location is important for any photoshoot.  A great background helps photos stand out.  There are some additional factors to consider when photographing your pets.  It is best to avoid places, like dog parks, where other animals can distract your pet.  Areas with a lot of traffic should also be avoided.  The noise and movement can distract your pets, and there is also a serious risk of injury.  If you’re heading outdoors, find a space with few people and a fence to make sure there are no escape attempts.


Teach Sit and Stay Ahead of Time

These two commands are helpful when venturing into the great outdoors for any reason.  Introduce and practice the sit and stay at home first.  Then you can move on to trying them out while on your usual walk.  If this goes well, your pup is likely to be cooperative when it is time to take some photos.


Try On Clothing Before Taking Photos

The right outfit can turn a cute shot into a downright adorable photo.  There are more options than ever for pet clothing.  If you choose to dress your pet for their day in the spotlight, it is

important to make the right selections.  Make sure the clothing fits your pet comfortably.  It should not impede their ability to walk or use the bathroom.  If you’ve ever seen the videos of dogs and cats walking awkwardly after being dressed for the first time, you also know that they need time to get used to their new clothing.


Bring Cleaning Supplies and Backup Equipment

Between the elements and affectionate animals, your camera is likely to get dirty.  It is best to pack cleaning supplies and extra equipment so you don’t have to return home.  Your bag will be cumbersome so hopefully you have some kids that need to burn off some energy.  Nobody wants a smudge on their lens to ruin the entire day.



Rover’s Recess hopes that you take the opportunity to capture some special moments with your furry loved ones.  You’re going to need plenty of photos to show your friends and family when things get back to normal.  We can’t wait to see them.  Stay safe and keep those cameras snapping.  Please continue to follow our blog for more great pet tips.



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