What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?

The new year is upon us and 2020 is here. A new decade is an opportunity to make some positive changes in our lives, and the lives of our pets. Rover’s Recess is here to help with making some practical resolutions to help you and your pets prosper in the new decade.


More Exercise

Getting more exercise is a quite typical New Year’s Resolution. It’s common, however, because it’s important. Making some subtle changes in your life to be more active will improve your life and the life of your pets. Start with going for a short walk or just throwing the ball around. If you’re a cat person, get a toy that your kitty will chase around. Laser pointers are always fun. Making some small changes on a daily basis can add up to big progress.


Play More

Playing should be an important part of all our lives. Far too often we grow up and think we don’t deserve to play anymore. Life is overtaken by work and responsibility. Our pets are here to remind us that life is for the living. Watching animals play is a great stress reliever. I challenge you to watch a dog play or a hamster roll around in a ball and try not to smile. It’s impossible. Finding time for play will be enriching for everyone in the family.


Measure Food

Maintaining a healthy weight for our pets is difficult, especially as our pets get older. Along with exercise, only giving your pets the recommended amount of food will lead you and your pets to success. Instructions can be found on the back of the bag. Purchase a plastic measuring cup and drop it in the bag. You will be scooping and measuring at the same time. If you give treats throughout the day, put a specific number in a plastic bag and don’t go over the limit. Your pet will be healthier and happier in no time.


Try Something New

It’s easy to fall out of an exercise routine when it gets boring. The first couple of weeks you and your pets will feel amazing. You’ll be daydreaming about your future fit form as you knock out your walks and think about the exercise video you’re totally going to put out. But exercising can feel like a chore after too long. One day you realize that going for a walk turned into watching TV in bed with a snack. That’s why it’s important to change things up on a regular basis. You and your pet can try swimming, agility work, play fetch or tug-of-war, just to name a few options. Anything that gets you moving with enthusiasm is great. We know you can do it!


Develop a Grooming Routine

Grooming is important for both pets and people. Your dog or cat going out without being brushed is like when we humans go out in sweatpants and a t-shirt with a coffee stain. Totally embarrassing. That’s why we humans have to keep up with grooming our fur kids. It’s also a great opportunity to bond with our pets. Simple things like giving them a bath along with brushing their hair and teeth will put a real spring in their step. Grooming is also an opportunity to check the skin for any abnormalities. So let’s step up our grooming game in 2020 and make all the other animals in the neighborhood jealous.

Rover’s Recess hopes that 2020 is an amazing year for you and your pets. We wish you the best of luck with your resolutions. Please give us a call if you need help taking care of your fur family. Also, please continue to follow our blog for more great tips.


Brandon Pettey




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