How Can I Keep My Pet Safe and Happy During the Holidays?

The holiday season is upon us. That means lots of travelling and people coming in and out of our homes. It is easy for accidents to happen with our furry family members during these times. We humans need to take the necessary precautions to make sure our pets stay safe and happy. Rover’s Recess is here with some tips to make sure everybody comes out of the holidays with a smile on their face


Keep Everything High

How many photos have we seen on the internet of a dog in the middle of a kitchen table? Too many. Those delicious holiday treats can be too much to handle for even the most well-behaved of pups. Nobody wants their dinner ruined and a sick pup during the holidays. So, the best thing to do is to keep all food in a high central location. Your guests can serve themselves buffet-style and bring it to the table. That way everyone can come and go as they please and nothing will get destroyed.


Designate a Pet Area

Most of the time our pets roam the house. During the holidays, however, it may be helpful to give them their own secure section of your house. Escape attempts, overly curious children, and family with allergies are all stress you don’t need to add to your day. Baby gates are great for keeping pets confined in your home. The week before everyone comes, put a baby gate or two up that keeps pets on one side of the house. Starting early will lessen their stress once everyone starts arriving. Doing this also gives them a lot more room than if you just closed them up in one room.


Travelling with Pets

Hitting the open road with pets is only for the brave. It can be done though. When travelling with pets, be sure to account for several stops in your travel time. Remember to bring plenty of food, water, and any necessary medications. Also, talk to kids about safe travel procedures. Dogs should be on a leash and cats should be in a carrier before anyone opens their door.


Pet Treats

Our pets deserve to enjoy the holidays too. Most importantly, you don’t want to be stared at all through dinner. So, think about going online and finding some recipes for your pets to enjoy. The recipes are  quick and easy. Save them until right before you eat. That way the fur children are distracted (at least temporarily).


Call Us

Do you want to avoid worrying about your pets during the holidays? Then give us a call. We would love to take care of them while you’re catching up with loved ones. You can stay in or travel knowing that they are well cared for. Rover’s Recess hopes you have a wonderful holiday season. Enjoy the food and family. Please give us a call and let us lessen your stress by taking care of your furry loved ones.



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