Pet Tips for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner.  It is a time of costumes, parties and candy.  But Halloween can be a dangerous time for our pets.  A few simple precautions will ensure that you and your pets have a safe and enjoyable Halloween.  Rover’s Recess has the scoop on what we need to do to protect our precious fur babies:


Check Costumes Early

There are few things cuter than a dog dressed up in a costume.  Some costumes, however, can be dangerous. It is important to make sure they fit properly.  Be sure to avoid anything that obstructs the pets’ movement or ability to go to the bathroom. Costumes should not be too tight, as that can restrict breathing.


Keep Candy Out of Reach

Chocolate is unsafe for dogs and candy wrappers can cause problems too, if consumed. It is very important to keep any candy out of the reach of pets. Halloween night is not meant to be spent at the emergency veterinarian’s office.  It’s best to keep those candy bowls somewhere high up. A container with a lid is even better.


Watch for Escape Attempts

One of the best parts of Halloween is opening the door and seeing the kids in their costumes. But our pets see it as an opportunity to bolt out the door. It may be best to keep pets confined to a room during the few hours trick-or-treaters are coming by.


Keep Pets Inside

Ideally, dogs and cats should be inside most of the time.  Halloween night is an especially dangerous time for black cats.  Pranksters think it is funny to play tricks on them. Even outside cats should be brought in on Halloween night.


Keep Decorations and Wires Out of Reach

Many of us like to decorate for Halloween, but we have to keep our pets in mind when doing so. Pets of all kinds see decorations and wires as just another toy.  Nobody wants their beloved pet to bite into some wires and get hurt. Rambunctious animals also have a tendency to knock things over.  Anything that can fall should be well-secured.


Rover’s Recess hopes you and your family have a fun and safe Halloween.  Remember, planning ahead of time prevents emergencies. We hope you and your pets rock your costumes and are the hit of the party!  If you would like to keep the animals at home, please give us a call. We’d be happy to help!



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