What are the Habits of a Responsible Dog Owner?

Being a pet parent is a big responsibility.  Our furry friends rely on us for just about everything.  To remind us of that, September is the American Kennel Club’s Responsible Pet Ownership Month.  Dogs are a huge responsibility, but they pay it back ten-fold with unconditional love. Rover’s Recess is here to help you become an even more responsible pet parent:



A good fence is the only way to ensure pet security.  It’s easy to think that our dogs are so well-behaved that they always stay in the yard.  Or some people might just use a tether. Something distracting can lead a dog astray that would normally be happy to just sit in your yard.  Not having a fence also leaves your pets susceptible to getting stolen. A tether can easily get wrapped around a dog’s neck and become a choking hazard.  It is also important to have your fence’s height based on how big your dog is. The larger breeds can easily clear shorter fences.



Your pup doesn’t have to be an elite show dog to know a few tricks.  A few key commands can help keep your dog safe and healthy. Videos on how to train these commands can be found online.  Sit and stay are useful to prevent dogs from running out into traffic. Lie down and roll over give you an opportunity to look your dog over and make sure there aren’t any wounds.  Shake is just plain cute.


Healthy Food

All dog foods look a lot alike.  Not all dog foods, however, are made alike.  It is our responsibility to read the ingredients and make sure our pups are getting only the healthiest foods.  It is also important to talk to your veterinarian about the kind of food that best suits your dog.


Tags and Microchip

Dogs can escape even the most well-built fences.  We have to take extra precautions to keep them safe.  This includes keeping tags on our dog’s collars and getting a microchip put in.  Inserting a microchip is a harmless procedure that allows anyone with a scanner to see where your dog belongs.


Vaccinations and Check-Ups

Vaccinations are imperative for your pets to have long and happy lives.  A simple shot can prevent diseases that would otherwise take your dog’s life at an early age.  Not vaccinating your pets also puts the other animals in the neighborhood at risk. Going for regular check-ups is also important.  If your dog does have a health problem, it is important to catch it early so medical intervention can be effective.


We at Rover’s Recess hope these tips help. If you ever need help handling some of the responsibility, please give us a call.  Also, continue to follow our blog for more great pet tips and information.




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