Helping Dogs with Separation Anxiety

The school year is almost upon us.  That means busy days of classes and extracurriculars for the kids.  However, our pups might not be happy.  They have spent all summer being the center of attention in the home. Now everyone will be gone for a large part of the day.  Rover’s Recess is here to help you minimize their sadness and anxiety with a few tips:


Take an Early Walk

Anxiety and excess energy are a dangerous duo.  You can work off some of that energy by taking your dog for a quick walk in the morning.  Summer temperatures won’t be gone for a while, so an early walk benefits everyone.  After you leave, your dog will likely sleep the day away peacefully.


Leave Your Scent 

Most people have clothes in their closet they don’t wear but don’t want to throw away.  Instead of tossing it, give it to your dog. If you haven’t worn it in a while, rub it on your skin.  Then leave it with him or her when you leave. Your fur baby will get to snuggle with a piece of you while you’re away. However, do not leave anything with your dog if it is a destructive chewer!


Start Off Slowly

Being gone all day will be a shock to your dog if you and your kids have been in most of the summer.  Start by leaving for only a few minutes. Just a short visit with the neighbor would be a great start.  Then work your way up to longer periods. They will have adapted to the new schedule once school starts.

Start a Calm Routine

Dogs feed off of our energy.  If we leave the house calmly, it will help them stay calm.  Don’t make a big deal out of leaving. It might help to use the same phrase with your dog every time you leave.  You can say something like, “Be back soon.” They will associate this phrase with you leaving but then coming back.

Call Us

Rover’s Recess would love to check in on your fur babies during the day.  Sometimes all it takes is a friendly reminder that they will not be alone forever.  It would be our pleasure to take your dog for a walk or spend some time with them.  We will also do our best to prevent anyone from taking their frustrations out on your furniture.


Rover’s Recess hopes that these tips help you and the canine kids adjust to the new schedule.  We are always here for you. Good luck to everyone in the coming school year. Please continue to follow our blog for more pet tips.



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