Avoiding Health Problems in Pets

Good health, whether human or animal, requires maintenance. That means making smart decisions on a daily basis. It is up to us to make sure our pets have health they can bring into their senior years. Rover’s Recess is here to help keep you and your pet’s living a healthy life.


Regular Doctor Trips

No one likes going to the doctor. They make you wait forever and you have to sit on that terrible crunchy paper. But the benefits outweigh those few hours of being uncomfortable. Our pets should see a veterinarian at least once a year. They need all the recommended vaccinations. If something comes up before their regular check-up, do not wait to get it checked out. In many cases, early detection can save lives.



It’s easy enough for us to blow off that hour jog. With a pet, we have someone counting on us to get out and get active. As pet caretakers, it is our duty to help our pets exercise. Even if all you start with is throwing the ball around, you are improving your life and the life of your pets.


Proper Food

A balanced diet leads to longevity. It prevents excess weight gain which is hard on the heart and joints. We want to be well-aware of the contents of our pet’s food. It is also important to know the proper amount for your pet’s needs. Be sure to discuss the proper food for your pet with your veterinarian.


Spay and Neuter

Spaying and neutering your pet is absolutely essential. It helps eliminate excess energy and negative behavior. Pets become overly energized because they feel an urge to roam and find a mate. Getting them spayed or neutered prevents that urge. It will also extend their lives. Spaying and neutering help prevent prostate cancers in males as well as breast and uterine cancer in females.


Skin Checks

An active lifestyle can lead to unwanted parasites. Fleas and ticks treat our pets as a free ride. They also carry a lot of diseases that can be transmitted to your furry loved ones. Be sure to brush your pet regularly and check their skin as you do.

We at Rover’s Recess wish you and your pets only the best of health. Remember, it is a matter of diligence. Every day we must do the things that will keep ourselves and our pets healthy long into our senior years. Years of cuddles and fun will be the pay-off. Please continue to follow our blog for more great pet tips.



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